Male Or Female Jack Russell Puppy

Once you have decided that a Jack Russell puppy is right for you, and if you are still reading this website, chances are you have come to that conclusion, then you are probably wondering whether you should choose a male Jack Russell or a female Jack Russell. Each choice has its pros and cons.

Neutering And Spaying

One thing to keep in mind when deciding on Jack Russell puppies is that often if you spay or neuter your animal, which is recommended if you do not intend to breed it, the gender specific tendencies are often minimized, particularly if you do the procedure when the dog is still young. So if you intend to have this procedure done to your dog, then it is purely your choice whether you choose a male or female Jack Russell to add to your life.

Are You Planning To Breed Or Show Your Puppy

If you intend to breed your Jack Russell puppy in the future, or if it is a show dog, then you will not want have your pet spayed or neutered. For breeding dogs, which many show dogs become when they retire from the ring, you will want to decide which type of breeding dog you want to have. Do you want to have the responsibility or rearing a littler of puppies, or would you rather just be paid to have your dog sire a litter. These questions will help you determine which gender is better for you.

Male Dog Characteristics

If you are leaning towards a male Jack Russell, then you need to know that males tend to be more prone to roaming than females. Since any Jack Russell pup is going to have the tendency to chase after game, it is helpful to know that this characteristic might be magnified in a male puppy. Male dogs are more prone to fighting than female dogs. They also tend to mark their territory more than females, yet they are not as protective of their owners.

Female Dog Characteristics

Female dogs tend to be less aggressive than male dogs. They do protect what they see as theirs more tenaciously than male dogs, however. Females are smaller on many occasions than male dogs. But on the flip side, since a female dog has the ability to breed and bring in an income through puppies, they are typically more expensive than male dogs. They do not fight with other dogs as readily as male dogs do.

Final Considerations

Keep in mind that the temperament of your Jack Russell has less to do with his or her gender and much more to do with the pedigree of the dog. If you have your heart set on a male, then get a male. If you can only think of female Jack Russell puppy names, then get a female. The Jack Russell characteristics that draw you to the breed will be present in either gender, so there is no need to worry! Your little boy or little girl is sure to bring you plenty of fun and exciting years in your future!

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