Short Legged Jack Russells

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  • jenn

    Short Leg Jack Russells?
    The breeder claims that they have shorter than standard legs and are usually calmer and more laid back. Have you ever heard of these and are Jack Russells in general a good breed to buy? NO RUDE COMMENTS about mutts and mongrells

  • ? goddessofraine ?

    Hmmmmm, they have pretty short legs to begin with do they not?

    I am a Chihuahua owner, and i have seen breeders breed "T-Cup" Chis.. which don't exist as a BREED… however if your breeders have mated a short legged female with a male that is also shorter legged… their babies would have shorter legs, if this is desirable to people they may be breeding this way to produce these dogs.

    Just remember that short legs and active dogs can result in lots of breaks…JR's in my opinion are pretty active dogs, and you wouldn't want them to hurt themselves.

    Ask the breeder if they have references form previous litter buyers.. and ask them how their pups have turned out.

    Don't get suckered into paying more $$ than a normal pup would be worth because they are claiming shorter legs, they may be pulling yours =)

    Best of luck
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  • reynwater

    Just because I haven't heard of "short legged JRs" doesn't mean there is not such a thing. Opinion = the breeder is pulling your short leg. Russells are by their nature pretty peppy critters. Laid back? None that I have known are. They are superior companions, brilliantly smart, and little barking terrors protecting their person. I wouldn't mess with a Russell in protect mode!!!
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  • Nica

    I have a long leg Jack Russell. You must have a lot of energy and be able to send at less 3 days a week outside playing catch or some sort of activity, you must be able to enforce the rules or they well not listen and take control of the house. I love my dog and he's great as a house dog.
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  • Star shower

    It sounds to me like this breeder has been breeding Jack Russells with some sort of genetic deformity and claiming it to be "new & improved". I don't see how the length of the leg would affect the temprament of the dog. Does that mean that all people with shorter legs are more laid back than long legged people? Nope, so why would it be that way with dogs. I wouldn't buy a dog from that person. Who knows what other health issues they are breeding. Sadly, most people aren't breeding dogs for the right reasons. They only do it for the money but they are producing unhealthy dogs as a product. If you want a pure-bred Jack Russell I'd use a reputable breeder. You can check with your local ASPCA to see if they have a listing of breeders or find a breeder through the AKC website ( Or if there is ever a dog show near you go to it and talk to the breeders & handlers, they will be more than glad to give you the info you need. Good luck!
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    employed at a vet clinic for 5 years

  • terry

    LONG LEGS, SHORT LEGS, its all in the WAY you TRAIN them.WITH all BREEDS." love & attention "
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  • imrielle

    Pure genetics, basically. If any breeder starts combining dogs with a specific trait in mind and continues to do so for several generations, more likely than not the trait will continue to be prominant. I've never heard of a Short Legged Jack Russel myself, but as a trainer we run into all sorts of new dog fads.

    Jack Russels are excellent dogs, but not always excellent companions. You really need to consider your lifestyle before jumping into a life with a JR. Are you very active? Will you have 45+ minutes a day to spend doing nothing but exercising your dog? Will your dog be able to experience new areas, sights, sounds, smells on a regular basis?

    Jack Russels have an abundance of energy and need to have an outlet for that energy on a daily basis. As a trainer, I recommend at least 45 minutes a day of pure exercise, whether it's throwing the ball, going for a run, going to the dog park, etc. If a JR does not have an adequate outlet for this energy, they can become destructive, overly energetic, run continuous "laps" around the house, and could have aggression issues as well.

    If you DO have an active lifestyle, however, and are seeking an energetic companion to spend time with outdoors and know you could commit to a JR's energy, then it sounds like you guys could be an excellent match!

    Hope it all goes well.
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  • JDS

    "Shorties" do have short legs. I'm not sure if there is a standard for the JRT. I know there is one for the Parson Russell Terrier which people refer to as a Jack Russell (Eddie on Fraser and Wishbone were Parson's). Remember that all terriers have a hunting instinct. Russell's are extremely high energy and if left to get bored will come up with their own source of entertainment, be it good or bad! I have a Parson and am a total "Jack" fanatic.
    Please educate yourself before getting one, they are different from any other breed and remember that you will be getting a 100lb dog in a 15 lb body.
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  • Gigglesalot

    Jack russelles are a GREAT breed! I have had 5 of them myself all at different times in my life and I absolutely love them! There are shorter Jack Russells it usually has to do with the genes and the breeding of the cute little ones! As far as being laid back not all of them are. Most of the ones I have had are really smart, funny, and energetic. As far as personallity think of a 3 year old child. They calm down allot and grow into there personallites around 2 to 3 years of age. If you want a Jack Russell that is more laid back I would ask the breeder which dog is the most laid back, or whatever you like in a dog. They usually are really good on knowing the personallities of each dog. Also check out the dogs on different days and times of day so that ,if you see a dog that seems relaxed you can get a better feeling on there personallites on different days. Just because they are calm on one day doesn't mean that they are always calm. And that is the wonderful thing about puppies!That is why asking the breeder which one is most like the type of dog you want is the best!Also make sure you have enough time for them most of them get really bored very easy! They like to chew alot/ destory things if not paid attention too!

    Most of Jack Russells don't usually have health problems because the breeders are really big on not breeding dogs of the same family (son – mom, dad- daughter) things of that nature. Don't get me wrong they can still have health issues, but not as much as other breeds. Plus there are still people that breed dogs with whom ever they wish! They are rather hard to potty train (from my experience). It isn't that they can't be potty trained its just that they are really I guess headstrong and wants to be in charge! They are so smart though! And if you ever have mice problems they are great hunting dogs. My jack right now (Dasiy) has already hunted down and killed 6 mice! All in all they are great dogs! The nice thing is when you get a jack it is always a new and different (in a good way) experience! With every jack I have had it has been different! And I would trade them for anything in the world!
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  • Suzie Q

    Yes Jack Russell's can have short legs…like a weeny dog…my neighbors had one (I say "had", because he climbed their fence every day and kept going to the same house for over a month…broke a chain once too…the people called my neighbor's…had ID tags… and asked if they could just keep him). Jack's (both body style) are very energetic dogs…if you want a lap dog, don't get a Jack (they are a good dog, for the right person)…too much energy for me!
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  • GitEmGang

    Ok…how about "CORRECT" versus CRAP!???

    THAT'S what the shorties ARE!!!
    Very simple,eh?
    The temperament issue is a LIE!
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  • Katherine B

    Yes, there are short leg Jack Russells- a friend of mine used to breed them. Don't know if the temperament was any different, but they were great little dogs, and very smart.
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  • m j

    There are good dogs that meet the written standard, and there are not so good dogs that don't. There is only ONE standard for PRTs.

    I would not expect ANY PRT to be laid back.

    To one of the other posters – the name Jack Russell Terrier was changed to Parson Russell Terrier 2-3 years ago. One breed, one standard.
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  • colliebygolly

    I have heard short legged Jacks called 'Puddin Dogs.'
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  • Kim

    I have a female short legged jack russel. They are great dogs and very loving. If you want more information on them then google them.

  • shayne

    I have two jacks both smooth coated when is the traditional parsons terrier with long legs the other is a short leg which as some other posters have pointed out is not a true parsons terrier thats why i refer to mine as “jacks” the short legs were crossed with bull terrier breeds too make them more agressive for the sole purposes of forcing badgers from their sets one consequence of this was to make their legs shorter in relation to the length of their body. I have used jacks of both types as working dogs all of my life for the control of vermin and pests and found that they work best in pairs. My present pair will work with the short leg flushing animals from hedge rows and the long leg chasing it down. As I use my dogs for working practices I aam not concerned with breed standards all i want is a fit healthy dog with no behavioral defects. These i fear will come forth in the future if the breeders and enthusiasts stick dogmtically to this standard and only breed from a diminishing gene pool. For example the german shepard breed in the uk only has less than 10% of the genetic diversity than was around 40 years ago leading to all the health problems and suffering animals we now have. in short if it looks like a jack barks like a jackacts like a jack then by god it is a jack.

  • Ness

    I have a amazing short legged jack russell (about 1/2 foot in height)! Hes 14 this year and acts like a 3 year old, he has a never ending energy source. He’s very intelligent and does numerous tricks, loves to play ball and jumping obstacle courses! Everyone who meets him loves him, as hes a proper attention seeker….and when he wants something (ie dinner) he will literally talk to you in dog language which is hilarious. My JR is so loving, all he asks for is a nice walk everyday, food and a bit of fuss and attention.

    JR all have quirky personalities there is one at the stables where I go riding, who is so funny….he loves to be chased and plays hide and seek with you. Great dogs!

    I don’t agree with the new KC register, saying that short legged are no longer classed as pedigree JR’s only longed legged are now. Jack Russell’s were meant to have short legs, in order to do their job ie: fit down rabbit holes etc

  • Francois & Jadé

    We recently adopted an 8 week old short legged JR so our other girl, a Boerboel, may have a friend seeing that she has so much energy. I must say JR’s hav so much energy!!!! it’s fun, lots of fun! She’s running circles around the boerboel, haha!

  • Gina

    I have recently purchases a short legged jack named “Tank” I got him when he was only 14 weeks old becuase the previous owner had purchased both a brother and a sister together from the same litter. It did not take her long to realize that these little guys were a big responsibility. Tanks legs are shorter than most I see on the web. He seems to like to cuddle and sleep next to me. He is really hyper when awake and has been more diffacult to potty train than other pets I have owned in the past. Strangely he picks up “tricks” almost instantly…hmmmmm too bad going potty outside is not a trick to him. I have had others tell me that Tank is not nearly as boisterous as other jack puppies they have encountered. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the length of the leg or if he really is as rowdy as others but is is maybe less noticeable because he has to work twice as hard as a taller dog to cover the same ground! Hope this helps..Oh also I have found that Tank does not want to get along with the cats no matter how much I try to get them to co exist. Perhaps this stems from their hunting background? The other dogs took to the cats by their 2nd or third week in the house. Tank is going on 3 months here and still chases and barks at them a lot I think he thinks its a fun game! He is never really aggressive but havin fun! Good luck to all jack owners. I feel these little guys are worth the effort it takes to train them :)

  • ben

    I dont know what half the idiots on here are talking about,they obviously have no clue.You can get short legged jack russells,these were used for foxes because its easyer for them to get down into the den.Mine is extremely laid back and never barks at a dog and has never even nipped a dog despite being nipped herself.These dogs are NOT geneticly deformed.She loves to chase squirrels/rats/rabbits.Have not seen a fox yet lol.She stays beside you and if she does happen to run off i just make a lot of noise untill she comes back.(Dont move while making noise or she will get lost with the sound)

  • Krista

    I see the post the original person had was old, but I have a short legged Jack Russell and she is definitely a laid back dog. I have a Pomeranian who is much more active, so I can see the difference between the two. She isn’t a big barker, and just loves to be loved. She is also very affectionate and not aggressive. I would absolutely recommend a Jack Russell.

  • Krista

    I would also like to mention, I read that short legs on a Jack Russell may be caused by achondroplastic dwarfism.