Jack Russell Puppy Names

Choosing a name for your Jack Russell pup can be fun, or frustrating, depending on how creatively you attack the project. A Jack Russell puppy needs a name that fits his personality, as well as his size. Long, show dog names do not seem to fit a cute little Jack Russell puppy, but this charming breed needs a name that is unique and fun. Here are some tips about choosing names for Jack Russell puppies, as well as some of the most popular Jack Russell puppy names to choose from.

Tips For Naming Puppies

No matter what breed of dog you are naming, there are some tips you should follow when naming your puppy. Remember that one to two syllable names are the easiest for dogs to hear. Also, names with distinct sounds, such as “Max,” seem to be easier for a dog to hear.

You want to avoid names that sound like common dog commands. For example, “Moe” can sound like “no” to your puppy. Remember that dogs do not hear consonants the way that humans do. You do not want to confuse your dog with their name. Also, remember that you will be saying your dog’s name multiple times every day, so make it something that is easy to say.

With these tips in mind, you can choose Jack Russell names that have a personal meaning for you. This means that you can be as creative as you want to be, and find a name for your dog that matches his and your personalities.

Top Jack Russell Boy Names

Rocky is one of the most popular Jack Russell names, perhaps because it invokes the idea of a tough fighter, which envelops the Jack Russell perfectly. Max is another great Jack Russell name. Others choose Wishbone after the popular television dog, but this is misleading because Wishbone does not behave like a typical Jack Russell. Cody, Ace, Buster, and Buck are all popular names for male Jack Russell puppies. Other good choices are Case, Jasper, or Reggie.

Female Jack Russell Names

Your little girl Jack Russell is not going to be a little Trixie or Princess. These dogs have attitude, and they need a name to match. One popular name for a little girl Jack Russell is Roxie, which embodies the fun and free spirit of these little dogs. Lola is another good choice. Amber shows the contrasting colors in the Jack Russell’s coat, and a name like Lucy gives a hint to the small size of the dog. Zoe is another popular name for little girl terriers. Bonnie, Abby, Poppy, Heidi, and Sunny are also great choices.

Remember to be creative when naming your puppy. The name will be with them for their entire life, so be prepared! And study up on general Jack Russell care so you can have a happy, healthy Jack Russell companion.

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