Jack Russell Temperament

The Jack Russell breed is one of the most famous for their temperament. They are often shown on commercials, television, or movies bouncing off the walls. But they are also well respected as a friendly, family dog. What truth is there to the stereotypes of the Jack Russell, and how will the temperament of this dog work in your family?

A Happy Little Dog

Jack Russells are, for the most part, a happy breed. They are inclined to get into mischief, but they remain happy and contented, as long as their needs are being met by the people in their lives. But these needs are quite large, and many new owners are not aware are the large amount of work necessary to own a Jack Russell, which leads to many being abandoned by frustrated owners.

A High Energy Dog

First and foremost, Jack Russells were bred to hunt foxes. Because of this, they are extremely high-energy dogs, and as such they are born with an extremely high energy level. They were also bred to track their quarry underground, and are excellent diggers, so they will be caught digging in your back yard, tracking dirt into your home on a frequent basis.

Jack Russells will find ways to expend their inherent energy. If their owners do not provide them with enough exercise, they will be found barking incessantly for now apparent reason. The Jack Russell needs to be part of a highly active family.

A Territorial Little Dog

Jack Russells do not know they are little dogs, and they do not like dogs of other breeds. Do not be surprised if your Jack Russell picks fights with the neighborhood dogs, no matter how big they are. Jack Russells also tend to be quite protective of their owners, or even one particular member of a family. This makes them good watchdogs, but makes it difficult to introduce a new person into the family.

The Fearless Canine

Jack Russells have very little fear of common hazards. They will readily dart into speeding traffic when tracking a squirrel or rabbit, unhampered by the cars whizzing by. Those who own these little superheroes need to provide consistent training and discipline to show them exactly where the boundaries are, and thus keep them safe.

A Highly Intelligent Breed

Part of the reason that Jack Russells are so well loved is for their intelligence. Couple this with a stubborn streak, and many Jack Russell owners find that instead of training their dog, their dog is training them! Jack Russell Terriers will need owners that match their level of smarts, as well as stubbornness, if they are going to be trained.

Intolerant Of Mistreatment

Jack Russell Terriers have no concept of normal behavior of children. They will not tolerate the types of things that small children do to small dogs, such has having their ears pulled, toys stolen, and even food taken. Families with small children, such as those younger than six, should have significant experience with the breed before introducing a Jack Russell into the home. The dog will strike out at a child to protect what he feels is his personal space.

The physical appearance of the Jack Russell and the way the dogs are portrayed by the media often make unsuspecting owners think that they are calm, easily trained dogs. This assertion could not be farther from the truth. With the proper training, a Jack Russell can become a much-loved member of the family, but before purchasing one, you need to understand the unique temperament of this little dog.

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