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General Jack Russell Care

When you own one of these remarkable dogs, Jack Russell care should become a part of your daily routine. While these little dogs do not require a huge amount of grooming care, Jack Russell care should not be overlooked.

Grooming Tips

Jack Russells do shed, so part of good Jack Russell care will involve combing or brushing. This should be done around twice a week to loosen up the shedding hair. A currycomb can be used as well to rid the dog of uncomfortable shedding undercoat. You will want to bathe your Jack Russell when he needs it. Try to keep this around every two months if possible. It is possible to over bathe a Jack Russell, which can lead to dry skin. Be sure you keep your Jack Russell’s toenails clipped as well.

Special Considerations For Broken Coated Dogs

If your Jack Russell is a broken coat dog, then part of your Jack Russell care routine will include plucking the coat, or trimming it with clippers. This should be done every two months. A groomer can do this, or you can learn how to do it at home, whichever you are more comfortable with.

Keep His Ears And Teeth Clean

Proper Jack Russell care dictates that you check his ears at least every two weeks and make sure they are not infected. Because their ears hang down, if dirt or debris gets in their ears, it can cause an infection, which can lead to hearing loss.

For your dog’s teeth you may need to take him to the vet to get them professionally cleaned, because Jack Russells will not sit still long enough for you to clean their teeth at home. Chewing bones that provide teeth cleansing benefits are another good option. You may be able to teach your Jack Russell to tolerate teeth brushing if you start from day one.

He Needs Exercise

One of the most important aspects of Jack Russell care is exercise. Be prepared to spend at least an hour every day walking and playing with your new dog. If you overlook this, you will have a bored, unhappy dog, who is likely to get into trouble. Also, Jack Russells who are not exercised tend to get overweight.

Jack Russell Diet

health concern for the Jack Russel involves their diet. Jack Russells need to eat on a regular schedule with a measured amount of food. Do not put out unlimited food for your Jack Russell, particularly if he is bored, because he will overeat. Also, do not give your dog table scraps, because they are not healthy for him. Always provide clean drinking water to keep your dog healthy. This is particularly important for active breeds such as Jack Russells, because they are constantly moving, working up a thirst.

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